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Photography - Public V's Private Property and who owns the Copyright.If you can see it from a public place it's all yours to photograph. This beautiful thatched cottage in Donegal was taken from a public road. Even if the owner was standing at the door, he or she would have no right to object as they are visible from a public place. However, if I climbed over the fence to get the shot, I would be breaking the law and I could be prosecuted for invasion of privacy and or trespassing.  It's in Donegal so I expect the owners would have been happy to pose in front of their gorgeous house.While

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Five Year Old Vouchers. Can you imagine asking a plumber or a painter to spend a day working on your house and then handing him a 5 year old voucher? You wouldn't do it unless you were as mean as a snake. A new Irish law came into effect on Monday 2nd Dec 2019 which states that gift vouchers must be legally valid for at least 5 years. As a photographer I traditionally accepted vouchers no matter how old they were but I always put a one year expiry date on them as most people left it till the last minute before using it. I expect many people will now wait the full 5 years before getting

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